Chilton People has deep and broad experience in supporting organisations, CEOs, and their people.

Here are a few examples of how we work:

People Strategy and Organisational Development

A high profile and much-loved national organisation, with a refreshed strategic direction sought our help to reboot the organisation.


Team working and the morale of leaders and their teams had been significantly impacted by the pandemic. We worked alongside the CEO and leadership team to develop and deliver a new People Plan that would meet the needs of the emerging strategy, key stakeholders, and team members.

We listened and took time to understand the culture, levels of engagement and current participation of employees, and we discussed the likely needs of their people in the future.

Co-created with our employees, our People Plan included:

  • Facilitation and co-production of a refresh of organisation values with employees to ensure engagement and ambassadorship
  • Creation of an enabling and coaching people performance process starting with the most junior employees through to senior to drive organisational behaviour and performance
  • Development and implementation of a comprehensive company-wide programme of education and awareness on diversity and inclusion to meet strategic aspirations
  • Co-production of a variety of employee health and wellbeing programmes to ensure employees felt valued and were empowered to manage their health in and out of work.

And to date, together, we have achieved:

Greater alignment with the revised values of the organisation which means people work with the values to shape their working lives and the lives of those that they serve.

  • Fully trained leaders who coach and enable their team members to perform and develop.
  • An enthusiastic trained employee base who understand how they work with the performance framework to reach their potential.
  • A safer space created for more inclusive and challenging conversations – and a renewed hunger to place inclusivity and diversity at the very heart of the organisation’s plans, policies, processes, and outcomes.
  • Maturity of approach to responsibility for personal wellbeing and that of the team, with mental and physical health embedded in processes to ensure that it is a live discussion.

Culture and Engagement

With an investment opportunity on the horizon, the CEO of a fast-growing business asked Chilton People to support them in bringing a performance culture to ensure delivery on the set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to help secure the funding.


Our diagnostic toolkit meant we could discretely and sensitively identify barriers to performance and areas of significant value to employees through surveys and focus group work. We also benchmarked similar organisations.

From the diagnostics and research, a People Plan was developed with the participation of all employees to provide a route to success. The plan includes:

  • A values and behaviour framework to give clear guidance to employees on what ‘good’ looks like and provides a solid platform for individual growth and learning.
  • A sales performance framework was established to enable the ongoing skills and competence of a sales team and was linked to financial incentives.
  • A comprehensive communications process to ensure teams remain in touch with the big picture and can track performance.
  • A health and wellbeing resource was established to support employees with the stressors associated with the growth spurt whilst the infrastructure evolved.

Leadership Team Development

Support was sought by a CEO, post MBO, to establish the strategy and direction of travel for the organisation, along with an improvement in leadership team alignment and performance.


Acting as a trusted advisor and executive coach to the CEO, we used psychometric assessments as a first step in enabling the leadership team to understand more about their own individual behavioural preferences, strengths, interactions, and development aspirations. These were shared in a safe space with their team colleagues to elicit rapport, understanding and support.

To continue to build on this new team alignment and strengthen performance, Chilton People planned and facilitated a series of strategic workshops, during which the leadership team were able to identify their niche offering and incorporate into a three-year strategy along with a one-year delivery plan.

In addition, to aid performance, we established individual leadership accountabilities and shared with the wider organisation to demonstrate transparency and commitment for the strategy. 

Alongside the leadership development, a culture and engagement survey was undertaken with all employees. This exposed misunderstandings and missed opportunities across the organisation. We led employees in small groups to develop and propose improvements to the leadership team in clarity of the vision, employee development, organisational leading and motivation.

Advanced Executive Coaching

Like people, no two coaching assignments are the same. We’ve worked alongside many senior leaders to help them find the best way forward for them and the organisation.

Coaching can build self-awareness and confidence, can provide for greater focus on goals and better decision making and can also help improve the use of “working time” and help to overcome stress and anxiety.


A director of a not for profit organisation at a crossroads, our client asked for help in identifying how to move forwards in their career.

We used psychometric assessments to explore their strengths, team contribution, conflict styles and workplace behavioural preferences. This gave us the starting point to then start coaching.

Using a variety of tools to reflect, challenge and focus, clarity of direction emerged and along with it, an increased awareness of the personal shift needed and a compelling plan to achieve it.

With an organisation developing at considerable speed, outgrowing its infrastructure and skills base, and ready for an investment opportunity, our client needed dedicated time and space to consider the future.

The coaching space allowed them to explore the challenges ahead and the personal attributes needed to take the organisation to the next level. In a psychologically safe space, they could express their personal and professional concerns and fears.

Having time to work through ideas meant that our client found resourceful ways to manage and overcome them using a host of personal resources they already had but were yet to leverage. And further reflection on the specific tasks ahead allowed them to establish gaps in their own knowledge and skills and make timely plans to address them, building confidence and resilience along the way.

A newly appointed director was looking to create impact early on in their first strategic role. They were unfamiliar with the culture and ways of working of the new organisation and were experiencing ‘imposter syndrome’.

The psychometric profile confirmed their strengths and enabled very positive reflections on what has worked previously and could be applied in the new role. In addition, we identified work behavioural preferences – and potential derailers, which may have been barriers to progress in the past.

We discussed and agreed strategies for shifting former unhelpful behaviours and identified time stealers along with a laser-like focus on the desired outcome. We developed a plan for the first 100 days and measurement for success.

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